Anxiety is one of the most common issue that impacts the personal life. Anxiety disorders can let you affect physically, emotionally, socially and even at times with spiritual level. It thus creates difficulty with all the necessary function of the human being. It does not show any outward sign of illness but anxiety disorder can lead to distressing and debilitating symptoms. It may also cause severe lifestyle impairment and leads to surmountable physical and mental health challenges. These challenges often leave the sufferers with frightened, frustrated, confused and make the person feel small before others.

Here are few of the ways that helps to fight with anxiety and remove the fear associate with it.

Identify the triggers:-

It is necessary to identify with the triggers associate with anxiety. Once you understand what sets with anxiety you can begin to address the problem at the source. It is a primary thing that lets you focus on what you want and get rod of anxiety for good. In the therapy terms it is call as exposure therapy. Although, triggers are different for every other person and it helps to find out root problem.

Develop support system:-

Another important aspect with removal of anxiety is to develop a support system. This can comprise of family, professionals and friends. The most important aspect is to have people you can rely on. Anxiety is characterize by feelings of isolation, it is important to have people in your life who can provide emotional anchor.

Move and be active:-

It is scientifically proven that exercise helps with reducing of anxiety. When you are anxious your body is in state of “fight or flight”. It means that your body is preparing for danger. helps with reacting to release the tension in your muscles and it also distracts you from whatever is the root cause of anxiety. Exercise is one of the most common and effective way to cobat anxiety. It helps to release endorphins which adds with mood enhancing effects.

Get good sleep:-

One of the good way to remove anxiety is to get good sleep. Most of the people need eight hours of sleep in night on daily basis. Some people may need it more or less but if you do not get enough sleep it may lead to increase in anxiety levels. There are few things which lead to make sure you get enough sleep.

l  You should stick with regular sleep schedule

l  Create calming bedtime routine

l  Avoid working or using electronic devices in bed.

Eat healthy diet:-

Eating healthy diet is an important aspect to fight anxiety levels. Eating of unhealthy foods may lead to physical health problems. But eating healthy diet is one of the best things to relax your mind and body. Eating indigenous food which is part of your region and culture gives boost in immunity and lets fight anxiety as it’s easy to digest. Avoid alcohol and drugs to fight anxiety as it is major cause.

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